Coin Strike: Hold and Win – Your Path to Success in Farming Business


Discover the world of Playson’s new game Coin Strike: Hold and Win, which offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in farmer life and win big prizes.

Gameplay Overview

Gameplay and Features

Learn about the exciting bonus rounds and innovative ways to win included in Coin Strike: Hold and Win.

Design and Atmosphere

Feel the atmosphere of a real Azerbaijani farm, thanks to the stunning graphics and authentic sound effects.

Winning Strategies

Best Practices

Get acquainted with tested strategies and tips to become the best farmer in Coin Strike: Hold and Win.

Bankroll Management

Learn how to manage your bankroll to maximize your chances of success and avoid common mistakes.

Social Aspect of the Game

Competitions and Tournaments

Find out about the regular competitions and tournaments offered by Coin Strike: Hold and Win and how to participate in them.

Gaming Community

Join the Coin Strike: Hold and Win gaming community and exchange experiences and strategies with other farmers.


Your Path to Success

Final thoughts and motivation for players aspiring to reach the heights and become Kazakhstan’s best farmer in Coin Strike: Hold and Win.